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mikeandzod21 asked: I was paging through some issues of Wildcats V.3.0 the other day and I noticed your style has changed considerably since then. Was this a conscious change to simplify your work and be able to produce it quicker or was it just the natural evolution of you as an artist? And will we ever see that more detailed, Travis Charest-esque style from you ever again?

i’d say it was a combination of the two. When i started out, i wanted to draw EXACTLY like Travis, not to mention exactly like Joe Mad, and a dozen other influences i had at the time.To this day, i still wish i could draw as amazing as Travis, but reality strikes and you realize you’ll never be able to, so you move on and do whats comfortable for you and develop from there.

But the bigger part is- i strongly believe you should start out with a great influence, learn from them, mimic them if you have to, its all healthy for the creative learning process. But at some point, once you start getting paid for your work and considered a professional in a certain field, you have to realize that it’s sort of lazy to mimic another artist’s style for your own profit. It’s insulting to the artist you consider a hero or inspiration, and also insulting to yourself as a creative individual in a sense. We ALL have done this, myself guilty, but you have to know where to draw the line for yourself. If clients wanted, say a…Travis, or Joe Mad, or Adam Hughes, those guys are still alive, they can hire them. In some cases, where they cant afford them or something.. you’d basically be the poor man’s version of those. And that’s sort of where your creative integrity comes into play.

As far as trying that style again, i always will have fun with it and try for fun, but honestly, i dont think ANYONE can ever come close to Travis’s style. His work on Wildcats was the main reason i loved those characters.

i know thats longer an answer than you asked for, but thanks for askin :)

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